Preamble - MJAREAS Metro-Jackson ARES Net Preamble

get link One minute before the net (8:00 p.m. local time): 

All stations on this frequency, standby for the Metro Jackson ARES Net.  This is ____.

Stress Management Research Paper All stations, this is ____, Net Control for this session of the Metro Jackson ARES Net.  This net meets each week at 2000 local time courtesy of the W5PFR repeater on 444.000.  This repeater is linked to the N5WDG repeater on 443.700.   This repeater has a 77 Hertz tone.  The purpose of this net is to encourage interest in, and to provide information about, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service in the Metro Jackson area which includes Hinds, Madison and Rankin Counties.  ARES is a part of ARRL field organization and offers emergency communications services to public service and governmental agencies during potential and actual disasters.

go here All amateurs are welcome to the net. You do not have to be a member of ARES to join this net. This is a directed net. Please address all transmissions to net control. As always, Priority or Emergency transmissions will take precedence and will be handled immediately. 

This is ____, Net Control and my name is ____.  Do we have any emergency or priority traffic, call now.

go site NTS format messages may be initiated or passed on this net.  Any stations wishing to list traffic for the net . . . Please call now.

At this time, the net will take check-ins from ARRL appointees and ARES officials.  Please call now with your callsign, location and appointment.

go here <acknowledge check-ins>

At this time, Net control asks the following stations to relay check-ins from the following locations.

146.760           146.940          144.390 APRS

29.600 FM Simplex (optional)


Relay Stations should announce their presence as follows:

 This is __________ Relay for the Metro-Jackson ARES net.  Do we have anyone wishing to check-in.  Call now with your callsign, name, location and whether you are using emergency power.


Thank you.  At this time, the net will take check-ins from ARES members.  Please give your callsign, name, location and whether you are using emergency power.  This is ____, Net Control.

 <acknowledge check-ins>

 Thank you.  At this time, the net will take all other check-ins. Again, give your callsign, name, location, and whether you are using emergency power.

 <acknowledge check-ins>

 At this time, Net Control invites reports and comments from the EC, AEC's and ARRL Officials on the net. <Start with highest level & work down the list> Please give your call sign, name, and position held.

 <after completion of reports>

 Are there any further check-ins to the Metro Jackson ARES Net?

 <acknowledge check-ins>

 We wish to thank Johnny, W5PFR, and Dave, N5WDG, for the use of the repeaters. Thank you for your participation. The net is now secured and the repeater is returned to normal use.  This is ____ OUT.

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