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Public Service Events

jarcAmateur Radio operators providing volunteer support at public events also gain valuable experience that will be useful in times of disaster, another circumstance in which Amateur Radio gets the message through Licensed Amateur Radio operators are encouraged to assist as communications volunteers at events in which the public will benefit from their volunteer services. Most of these events are runs, hikes, walks, and rides in which members of the public participate and can be at risk. Two-way radio enables multiple volunteers to exchange information and coordinate a response to an incident quickly.

This is a fun way to get out and use your radio, help a worthwhile cause and gain valuable experience that will come in handy in the event of a major emergency or disaster. It's also great PR for the club and amateur radio in general.

Participating in these events is a thrilling experience for many different reasons. These include:

  • The camaraderie of being part of a radio team that helps to ensure safety for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of event participants
  • The chance to do something meaningful for a good cause
  • The fun and satisfaction of using your radio equipment and opportunity to learn its various capabilities in real-life situations
  • The beautiful places and settings that you get to enjoy

Radio operators are assigned to check points, or to support (SAG) vehicles, or are on bikes. Radio communications in some of these areas can be a challenge, but very gratifying and a whole lot of fun!

For most events all you need is a 2-meter hand-held radio with an extra battery. When you participate, consider bringing a family member or friend to show them the excitement of the ham radio hobby.